Disclaimer: These acknowledgements are made without compensation of any kind - they are just my way of saying thank you to anyone who has either provided a service I found useful, or whose service I think is worth promoting (not something I do often)
In order to get my site to appear in the search engines' listings, I tried doing it the obvious way: find the correct section in a search engine's pages, choose the "Submit A Site" button, fill in the details, and bingo!  Bugger all happens in several months...

So I looked around for a better method.  The ADDME service offers a two tier approach to registration: FREE, to a subset of engines, and PAID, to a much larger set.  Since my income is absolute zero at the moment, it's the free service for me, as a trial.

ADDME ask for a small consideration in return, and it seems to be fair, so here it is: a small hotlinked ad for their site:

Add Me!

If the free service does well enough, I'll provide a review here in due course, and promote the ad to the StoryLines Home Page.

Although I wasn't expecting it, my submission of material to WRITESAFE produced an entry in some of the major search engines (some are more efficient than others).  Do a search using "Peter G Q Brooks" (don't forget the quotes to force the phrase to be searched for) and up I pop...

So, Thank You, WriteSafe.

After having had contact with FREEFIND over the failure of search capabilities with another (third party's) site, I was sufficiently impressed with their response and action that I decided to give their free service a whirl, and so far it looks good.

When finances permit I will definitely be looking to implement a more sophisticated version of their search service.

I also didn't expect my entries in the current TOOWRITE True Short Story competition to appear in some search engines.

You have to search on the title of the piece, and I think that everything I've written has shown up.

So, Thank You, the Derby Telegraph and their TooWrite Competition.

After having had contact with Gary Trovinger of Scatterings I have come to the conclusion that if this service had been available when my father died, the scattering of his ashes would have been far less traumatic, I am certain, and we would have had different memories of our farewell to him.

Since my father served in both the RAF and the Royal Navy, a fly past over the sea as his ashes were scattered would have been a doubly fitting tribute to him.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gary's service to anyone who is having to come to terms with what to do for the best when saying farwell to a loved one who has passed on.

Thank you ASSOCIATED NETWORKS LTD for providing registration of Story-Lines as well as hosting of this site (and others that I am building) through a very fast connection in London, England, which actually appears to be quicker than my previous hosts in the USA.

So, Thank You, ANL.

Last updated: September 6, 2004

Peter Brooks

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